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80’s-90’s Old School Hip-Hop Megamix

Written by on April 13, 2013 in Mixes

This is a medley of old school hip-hop tunes in the 80’s and 90’s. Some are the original classics, while others use those classics as samples in the bass and…

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20 Reader Comments

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  1. péter márton says:


  2. kenzman west says:

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  3. Gza22 says:

    Go kill yourself attention whore

  4. Louis wong says:

    The Old school Greatest 90s

  5. purplelove010 says:

    I think you got a lot of thumbs down because you put Milli Vanilli on here.

  6. DJ HiNRG says:

    Seems like it was just yesterday….

  7. LannyLanuel says:

    I remember hearing this mix on the radio years ago.

  8. lissanie says:

    I do love older hip hop, but lets not refer to Milli Vanilli in a list and call it “back in the days of REAL hip hop” because it doesn’t get much more fake than them….

  9. Mohiuddin Ahmed-Shuvo says:

    i dont think enough people understand this clip makes me go hard Oh Btw peeps use this to listen in mp3: bit.ly/10zksq3?=jvslj

  10. rebelman476 says:

    i’m a heavy metal rocker,BUT,out of the music they got today,THIS ia real rap music here.80s and 90s.like ALL music from this generation.
    it had meanning and fill to it.

  11. Kostas Bagiartakis says:

    I would appreciate if you can send this to my e-mail in mp3 form so i can play it on my radio show here in Greece.

  12. AbbeyAdeb says:

    Well done, corazonazultw. A good mix, both audio & visual. If u’re a D/VJ in my hood, I’d have u round in no time, spinning the house down.
    Thanks for the upload.

  13. AbbeyAdeb says:

    Niiiice! And I’ve only just got to Denis Edwards.

  14. Виталий Кистерец says:

    крутой мегамикс

  15. Micheltn says:

    Freaking Awesome man!!

  16. SuperDeluxe80 says:

    this here has more substance then music in the past decade @_@.

  17. I Frozenbase I says:

    The devil and them greedy jews on the music industry.

  18. rustyalien says:

    i need this on disc so i can play this in my jaguar as i ride with my sun roof open and the windows open, playing loud….word up….

  19. rustyalien says:

    yes, i do its awesome…

  20. Goodboynate says:

    Dont forget Nate Dogg………….


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