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Written by on January 10, 2014 in 2pac

Tupac Amaru Shakur A.K.A. Makaveli In Court 1994 RARE Footage.
Video Rating: 4 / 5
Question by KID: Who in todays rap world is a better or as good as a rapper as 2pac?
I’ve been looking for some good rappers to listen to and I know 2pac is the one of the best rappers there is but I don’t really like his music so yea if there is anyone better let me know.

Best answer:

2Pac is so overrated

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40 Reader Comments

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  1. Raphaël Martin says:

    Soooooo goood

  2. PossibleFirePictures says:

    Oldest OG in da hood my nigga! Thats just the way it is, things will never
    be the same! Hella sick

  3. Robin Werdekker says:

    Lol this dude has a mask..

  4. ashercohen4 says:

    Like a boss

  5. DeAnna Tejada says:

    Bendito. You can tell he enjoys this

  6. iiEatBurger says:


  7. Bart van den Nieuwendijk says:


  8. David Emery says:

    Saving this

  9. Johnny Dee says:

    I don’t gamble

  10. Johnny Dee says:

    if it’s in the lyrics It will be said

  11. Jesse HDG says:

    Damn son, you rock!

  12. Invenum says:


  13. underdog138 says:

    This shit is brilliant. I’ve watched most of these videos. I only wish I
    was that cool when I get to that age.

  14. CoDBeastleh says:

    Wooww, give this guy some props. Why do you think 2pac was so famous, since
    he was good. Can’t this guy just sing, if he felt like it, just because he
    is a little worse than some others?

  15. Perfetti13 says:

    2Pac would be ashamed to see this

  16. Maraquja Weed says:

    Chaange cooomon

  17. LambOfMusic says:


  18. soldier1661 says:

    you know tupac didnt believe in the illuminati right?

  19. Sofia Masaad says:

    yeah mann I mean c’mon how fuckn hard can it be to pronounce his name??? -_-

  20. Cruddy Mo says:

    Lool ikr

  21. Sofia Masaad says:

    tupec emeru shekUrrrrrrr lmao wtf

  22. Cruddy Mo says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL Whiteboy accent ahahah

  23. Eric Wilison says:

    Illuminati real though that’s why music got so lame including sports wasn’t
    interesting like it use to be that because everybody is knowing about the
    illuminati.illuminati is also in the Bible plus malcom x and Martin Luther
    king ,Abraham Lincoln warn people about it .

  24. nidnidya says:

    Tupack Emaru Shekur -_-

  25. Stevecj kim says:

    1:38……….pacs expression…….you can feel all the emotions, anger,
    disappointment, sadness rage in just 2 seconds!! This dude went through
    alot. R.I.P Pac.

  26. ProducerKuush says:

    @ItalianSoul1992 Word

  27. Mann n says:

    @sasasasa453 rich guys rape ppl too. sometimes guys get turned on when a
    girl is forced. pac want like that though. but it sounds pretty fuckin
    retarded when u say, Pac didn’t need to rape girls.

  28. Tou Yang says:

    its TUPAC AMARU SHAKUR “NOT” Tupack Emru Shakur atleast say his name right
    you bitch

  29. Bogdan Bunea says:

    Actually his father :))

  30. PrincessAmandaTV says:

    If he believed in jesus he was christian

  31. reedforever12 says:

    00:19:42;24 there was sound of woman says “yes” !!?

  32. Tupac Shakur says:

    Tu like 2 Pac like Pac 2 > Pac..

  33. VisuaL says:

    you think 2pac is one of the best rappers but you don’t like his music? alright?

    well if your looking for some real talent and lyrics then you need to start underground.

    Atmosphere—Trying to find a balance, saves the day, always coming home to you…many more
    Eyedea&Abiltites—Music Music, Pushing Buttons, Now, Kept, one twenty
    Del- X files, 3030, mastermind, at the helm
    Immortal Technique- leaving the past, industrial revolution, dance with the devil <——-he killls trust me

  34. Sav-vy-bag says:

    Mf Doom, Nas, Brother Ali, and Immortal Technique.

  35. Futuresailors says:

    there are lots of other good rappers far better then 2pac like Subtle, Deletron, Saul Williams, Blue Scholars, Danger Mouse, Why, Jedi Mind and Immortal Technique

  36. Noreen says:

    kid frost
    mc eiht
    b.g. knocc out
    lil hawk
    ice cube
    mack 10 (1990s)
    hussien fatal

  37. K_Dizzle35** Y!A_MoSt Hated!* says:

    Lupe Fiasco
    Lil Wayne
    Kanye West..

  38. LIL ACE ==E.C.R== says:

    uhm id say lil wayne NOT EMINEM he is strait up wack

    guys check it out


  39. brownoodelz says:

    Immortal technique
    mos def
    zion i

    any underground artist

  40. jemar20jones says:

    @lil ace so on a scale from one to ten how retarded do you think you are? (no anser for question from me)


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