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Sublime – Sublime (Full Album)

Written by on April 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

Music video by Sublime performing Santeria. (C) 1996 Gasoline Alley Records Inc.
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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Question by cheri.vize: How much would you pay for a end table painted with the Sublime Sun on the top?
The table is approx. 30 inches in height and width. It’s hexagonal with the Sublime sun (from the 40oz to Freedom album) on top and the legs are painted with the pattern from the mushroom (blue & yellow). Artistically, it’s awesome. My friend painted it but now doesn’t know what to charge for it. I don’t have the pics online but if anyone wants to see it, let me know and I will forward them.

Best answer:

Answer by OH-EM-GEE!!
It’s hard to tell without seeing it, but probably between $ 50 and $ 100, depending on the type of wood, and the quality of the painting. It sounds awesome. I’m a big Sublime fan!

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40 Reader Comments

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  1. skittles frosty says:

    the guitar sounds sexy in pawnshop!

  2. buccaneer009 says:

    Just smoke it …

  3. Edwin5467 says:

    This is one of those albums where having a YouTube video of the whole album makes sense because there really isn’t any song you want to skip. [every song rocks]

  4. Schtoops Shtoops says:

    Not really, because you’re probably high, yet you still care enough to reply. Huh.

  5. Schtoops Shtoops says:

    Thanks bro.

  6. connerthecreator says:

    I don’t mind getting high from time to time but you’re probably one of those dumb fucks who’s perma-fried

  7. cspj12 says:

    yeah its about a half step higher than it shoudl be… damn shame…

  8. preston wrachford says:


  9. preston wrachford says:


  10. Alex Martin says:

    i miss bradley forreal i was listening to detox since i was like five years srsly i could listen to this cd on repeat and it would never get old just like bradley i also love rig i wish he wouldnt have dide cuz this rome shit aint cuttin it the same for me he writes music that i can relate to i live that life and i stay im still grinning fuck what ppl think

  11. mychanneliscool says:

    If you were high you wouldnt have cared, bish

  12. João Paulo da Rosa says:

    Very ganja, oops.. very good

  13. cahlindinhaloira says:

    this is amazing

  14. Schtoops Shtoops says:

    Your comment is trivial and useless.

  15. thezachattack014 says:

    thank you!!!!!! for the tracklist!!!

  16. KushTV420 says:

    So much respect on a sublime song. I love it. Good shit bro

  17. siidisthegamer says:

    you are welcome
    glad i could help
    you man

  18. siidisthegamer says:

    thank you man

  19. george jenkins says:

    thatd be cause these are the album versions

  20. Jade Hezinger says:

    im 15 and i was raised listing to this band;D made me who i am

  21. mychanneliscool says:

    who cares its still sublime, get higher your obviously not high enough

  22. Schtoops Shtoops says:

    All of these songs sound a bit different than the individual videos for them on youtube, is it just me?

  23. Stanley Stame, Jr. says:

    Some of the best music ever recorded!

  24. mike hoody says:

    12:03 April 29, 1992

  25. jeanillerivera says:

    Now in peace Bradley Nowell 1968,1999

  26. anayafidelfa says:

    Awesome song! Long live sublime

  27. Austin Walker says:

    Great Video. Love the part with Lou Dog ‘assisting’ the Poker player ;)

  28. Fox Ace says:

    R.I.P. Bradley Nowell.

  29. Rachel Gascon says:

    FINALLY. I had this song in my head and I couldn’t remember the name, or lyrics. I just remembered the melody. I searched up “Daddys got a gun I really wanna go” and this was there :D

  30. turtle jaws says:


  31. Radytozzz says:


  32. 18lilchuco says:

    Omg i bean trying to find this fucking song for a long time i couldent remember the name thought it was sangria lmfao thanks so much

  33. James Barnhill says:

    no it was tiny lester the guy from the friday movies

  34. dxroadduke says:

    Wait, is that Michael Clarke Duncan as Sancho?? He was one great actor–

  35. maxxvt says:

    can someone please explain this music video

  36. iliketacoz97 says:

    How is “slap” a swear word? I can’t…

  37. carlos peralta says:

    nice dog

  38. David Poole says:

    this was censored for VH-1 play, if memory serves right.

  39. Angie Medina says:

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    Thank you!

  40. andrew says:

    i’d say depending on the quality of the image, between $ 50-$ 150. any chance you could email me images of it?



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